While some HVAC contractors in Northern Virginia rely on shortcuts, Advanced Environment Solutions takes the time to work out actual and precise heating and cooling load calculations to ensure proper size and maximum rewards from your new HVAC equipment.  Through meticulous and proven procedures, we optimize comfort, energy efficiency and system longevity.   We put 16 years of experience to work for you, and our design team is factory trained, regularly updated, and certified.  Taking into consideration the wide range of factors that impact specific demand, Advanced Environment Solutions determines the ideal solution for your home or business.

Heating and cooling load calculations are quite intricate, and require time, patience, and knowledge to complete.  Errors that result in oversized or undersized equipment impacts comfort, budget and satisfaction for years to come.   Family owned and operated, Advanced Environment Solutions recognizes the importance of personalized attention and customized recommendations.  Let us earn  your trust and confidence.  Contact us at (571) 336-5316 for further information, convenient scheduling and dedicated service.  We stand behind our work, upholding unwavering standards of quality across Fredericksburg, Stafford, Falmouth, Garrisonville, Lorton, Woodbridge and Springfield, VA.

Some important factors in HVAC equipment sizing include:

  • Climate
  • Shape, size and design of the space
  • Number of floors
  • Construction materials
  • Number, location, size and type of windows
  • Integrity of insulation and weatherization
  • Heat-generating appliances, including lights
  • Air infiltration from outside
  • Number and age of occupants