thermostat for HVAC system

Advanced Environment Solutions puts you in complete control of your indoor environment.  Whether you’re taking a hands-on approach to temperature control, or are interested in access from virtually anywhere, we’ll deliver the perfect solution.  The installation of a modern thermostat allows superior energy management which translates into cost and time savings, greater convenience and superior comfort.  Plus, taking better care of HVAC equipment helps to avoid sudden malfunction, maximize energy efficiency and extend service life.  Contact Advanced Environment Solutions at (571) 336-5316 for helpful recommendations, top quality options, and prompt installation in Northern Virginia.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the team from Advanced Environment Solutions remains updated in evolving technology and specializes in the cutting-edge of climate control.  From straightforward, non-programmable options to the innovations that streamline HVAC system operation, we meet your goals.  Take advantage of energy tracking, energy saving tips, personalized touchscreen display, filter replacement reminders, smart setback, Touch-N-Go program adjustments, and customization of the temperature, humidity, ventilation, airflow, and indoor air quality of up to eight zones.   Let us earn your trust and confidence, with expert and dedicated service.

Some of the many Carrier brand options available include:

  • Infinity Series Controls – The communicating Infinity control is the key to Greenspeed intelligence, delivering unmatched energy efficiency and comfort.  With remote access and more in-depth management of your indoor environment, Infinity Control tailors the operation of HVAC equipment to suit your everyday life.
  • Côr Wi-Fi Thermostats – Targeting energy use, the Côr series trims an average of 20% off heating and cooling costs and is compatible with a range of HVAC system brands and styles. Effectively adapting beyond manual programming, the thermostat protects comfort while maximizing efficiency.
  • Comfort Series Thermostats – This flexible options works with a broad range of HVAC equipment, provides remote access, features Touch-N-Go programming, and offers an economical solution to perfect comfort.